Friday, February 1

Weekly Wants: here comes the sun

I haven't put the time into making a wishlist in a few months. I just haven't been up for carefully organizing all the images into a pretty graphic lately. So here's a list!

It's been above freezing for the past three or so days here, so I'm really beginning to get prematurely excited for warm weather: clothes, boating, weddings, bonfires, bbqs, bike rides, so much warm weather fun! Here are a few items I've been coveting this week:

These dresses are so pretty! (left | right)

I've been eying a new high-waisted swimsuit for waaaay too long. Gimme! (left | right)

And it's not sprint without fun accessories! Pretty sunnies and flowery sneakers (left | right)

Kaelah has a giveaway this month for a Kitchenaid mixer! And I've been stalking these lovely mixers online for years. I love to bake, but I haven't been able to justify the price with a wedding coming up.


  1. This is an adorable wishlist! I love your style :)


  2. i couldn't agree more! so ready for spring and some warm weather. those dresses are so cute!

  3. I've been wishing for spring so badly today! It's been so cold. It's 4 degrees Fahrenheit outside today. Ugh!
    And I adore the yellow dress.

  4. Love the bathing suit on the left! High waisted suits are so cute and vintagey, I definitely want to get one too

  5. The dotted swimsuit is so nice, it has a vintage touch to it. I would love to have the sunglasses too!


  6. pretty find.. i love the orange dress.

  7. I love those dresses, and could definitely see myself wearing those flowery sneakers! xx

  8. I just found your blog and adore it! I'm totally with you on loving a retro-inspired red polka-dot swimsuit. I've been eyeing one for years -- maybe this is the time to go for it!


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