Sunday, February 17

Wedding details - February already?!

So we're halfway through February... and I'm starting to stress a little bit! So much left to do.

Good news - got bridesmaid's dresses picked out and ordered this weekend - we're going with these pretty dresses from Target:
All the girls are going to wear gray, but I'm hoping I'll have some time to make a pretty floral sash to replace the gray one. Each girl will wear a different color of tights (yellow orange and turquoise) and I don't really care what they do with their shoes... they're big girls, they can decide!

I'm just happy this detail is out of the way, hopefully they all fit!

My mom and I started playing around with centerpiece stuff on Saturday afternoon - so that is getting started. I've been making flowers here and there also. Not many done yet, but I've still got time.

My cousin is going to make a pretty tree branch altar for us, and I'm going to make hanging garlands of feathers and maybe lace (I have a bunch of lace ribbon from the auction this summer) to blow in the wind and look pretty.

I think I also have the invitation design finally finished!

This month we need to:

- Finish map/direction cards. Order invitations - maybe for printing? Has anyone used them?
- Rent chairs, tables, sound system, etc
- Figure out what food to serve
- Get my dress altered (just the neckline, it fits great!)
- Maybe try on suits for the guys? Is this too soon? Or am I late on this? Who knows!
- Order a crapload of feathers. White mostly for the aisle and altar, but also turquoise, yellow, orange, and gray for decorations, bouts, everything. Anyone know a good place? There are tons on Amazon, but most have huge shipping costs.
- Figure out how our ceremony is actually going to go. Our friend is officiating for us.
- More flowers!

A lot to do! I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed, so I'm trying to limit things that need to get done each week so I don't go crazy.

Honestly, this wouldn't be so bad if work would ever slow down even a little... but that's not going to happen. We just don't have enough people half the time - I am literally doing so many things each day I don't know if anything will get done in time.

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