Katie the Pasty Lady

I'm a translucent girl trying to live my life in the sun! I love to have fun with my hair, makeup, and clothing. I have pink hair (right now) and 9 wigs of various colors and lengths. I wear bold eyeshadow whenever I get the chance, and I like to walk a girly line with my style. I'm not afraid of mixing colors or patterns and I'm a big fan of decorating my space to fit my style.

I live in Idaho, so we get a full four seasons. This lets me experiment with different clothes all year long, but I have beauty concerns that change with the season. Fall & winter? I need extra moisture in everything I use on my skin & hair. Summer I need SPF EVERYTHING and usually need to wash my hair more to get the sunblock off my scalp.

I have grown up in the Pacific Northwest, and can't imagine staying anywhere else for long. I love traveling, but you've got to have a great place to return to! I recently got married to the best guy ever. He lets me be ridiculous as much as I want (and that's not a small amount).

In my day job I do a lot of graphic design and animation. I get to do photography, digital and print design, as well as design for 3d printing. It keeps me busy and is a lot of fun!

Last year I started an online shop to put some of my graphic design skills to use. I've been having a lot of fun designing logos, prints, customizing cute wedding designs, and creating Photoshop templates. I hope to offer prints of my artwork soon.