Monday, November 12

Weekly Workwear - Collars and Patterns

I love this new collared shirt I got. Sheer and airy - I can wear it with almost anything! I wore it like this all day to work, casual and untucked. Bright tank top, simple skirt, patterned tights, and simple flats. On another note, Cameron really needs to mow the lawn one more time!

Just as fun tucked in! I wore it this way when we went out to Chinese for dinner.

Obviously, the modelling part isn't my favorite. I like to wear fun clothes, and I love to share my style. But I'm so much more comfortable BEHIND the lens :)

Top - JC Penney| Tanktop, skirt - old... I can't remember | Leggings - GoJane | Shoes - Maybe Payless...

Good morning! This was before I left for work. I felt like getting a snapshot on my way out the door.


  1. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog Kate. Love the tights!

  2. Lovely blouse! I adore the subtle hint of color the sheer top + pink tank combination add to the outfit :)


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