Wednesday, November 14

It's not all about the details...

But really, it is!

I found my wedding dress!! I bought it yesterday after a few days of consideration, and I couldn't be happier. It fits great, it was on sale, I don't have to have it altered (as long as I don't gain weight), and it fits my personality. So no more stress, right? Well, now there's the matter of the accessories. Veils, jewelry, shoes, tights, bouquets, garters... so many details to find/make to get it all right! The good news is I don't need/can't wear a bra or corset at all.

I've been checking out veils today, and I think I've narrowed it down to one style. I know I want just a blusher, but I don't think I want the birdcage veil look. I'm loving these polka dotted veils, but I'm not sure if they'll go with the dress (I'd show you, but I'm paranoid Cameron will stumble on this!).

I love this look. The little bridal caps have caught my eye too. I don't know if they're exactly what I want, but they're so beautiful! 

What do you think? What did you/would you wear on your head for your wedding day?


  1. Replies
    1. That's my favorite of the blushers too. Unfortunately that's the only photo they have of it... I want more angles! hahah

  2. Yay that you found the perfect dress! I love the third one. I didn't wear a veil.. our (pakistani bride) wedding clothes a very different from a white dress.

    1. I love the ornate, colorful style of Pakistani and Indian wedding clothes. So beautiful!

  3. I absolutely love the close-fitting veil caps. They're timeless and gorgeous!


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