Thursday, November 8

Halloween Fun Flashback

I had all these plans of being silent movie stars, making a grey drop-waist dress (actually, it is half made...), painting Cameron and myself grey and making little chalk boards that we could make into silent movie 'dialogue'... and then I was sick.

So we just joined in with my sister and cousin and were old-timey circus people. It didn't take too much effort, and my hair was so fun to do! I was a lion tamer (that looked a bit like a lion...and had been slightly mauled) and Cameron was a fire eater. I got to draw tattoos on him and make his flame sticks. Of course I drew a lion on him, as I was the lion tamer! 

We got him some dress pants and shoes from Savers, I sewed his pants into man-pris, he already had the tanktop, suspenders, and he wanted to get the boa!

Also in the circus: Ringmaster, bearded lady, strongman, and human target.

The flame sticks were fun. At first I was going to make them look like the flames had burnt out, then I added little feathery flames, and then Cameron decided he liked just the feathery flames the best (my sister and I were still partial to my burnt fabric balls).

I already had the corset top I wore as well as the shoes and tights (they had a hole in them already, so I just started cutting a bloodying away). I grabbed some fabric from Joanns to make a quick skirt) and I decided I was done! My huge hair and lion-y makeup was my favorite (picture at the top of the post, minus the giant fake eyelashes I put on later). My hair was pretty much an afro without being teased! Unfortunately, with so much hair and all the dancing, it wasn't so large by the end of the night.

Hailey was Jereth the Goblin King from Labrynth! It was amazing. She wore a cup and everything! 

Most of the pictures were taken in a darkened house and bar, it almost gives them an old timey feel maybe? Maybe? So we should probably just pretend like that was on purpose :) 

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