Wednesday, September 19

Weekly Workwear - Embroidery, Stripes, and Sheer

More headless shots of me at work! This would be because I wasn't wearing makeup and didn't feel like having that on the interwebs. Here you are, in all it's work-bathroom-phone-photo glory: Ruffles, Embroidery, Stripes, and Lacy Sheerness!

This is a very blue outfit, I've found I wear blue a little bit more now that I've got my blue diamond engagement ring to accessorize. Also, I'm wearing jeans at work again because we're a relatively casual office. And these ones are super dark!

Striped Shirt - thrifted | Blue Shirt - Modcloth | Necklace - Sage Designs | Bracelet - Portland Saturday Market | Jeans - Rue21 (they were my size and long enough and on super cheap sale! It was like heaven)

In other news, I've been super busy the past week drawing some images for a training video at work and doing all the ordinary everyday work stuff. I'm really proud of how my designs are coming - it should be a great interactive training when it's complete! 


  1. I love your bangle! It is just absolutely darling :) And the name of your blog? I love it.

  2. i am loving the unexpected sheer moment. so pretty! xoxo linds {{}}

  3. That shirt is absolutely adorable! I'm really loving it.

  4. Absolutely love this bracelet - the twisted metal and color! So unique!

    Thanks for stopping by!


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