Tuesday, September 18

Everyday Makeup

In this case "everyday" is misleading, as I don't wear makeup to work most of the time. I love doing my makeup when I have time, but I'm so close to late every morning I can't spare the extra 5 minutes to throw on some makeup.

This is one of the reasons I don't have my face in some of my outfit posts - I took them at work without makeup on and I'm a little self-conscious. Below is a list of the products that I use on a regular basis and my opinion of them:

1. Neutrogena Oil-free Moisture lotion with spf 35 - cheap and good!

2. Hard Candy Sheer Envy Illuminating Primer - This feels so soft on my skin, I don't know if I like it for any other reason... I just got it on a whim one day.

3. Almay tlc foundation (ivory) - I've used this foundation on and off for years - I always end up back to this after trying a few new products.

4. Tarte Smooth Operator Clay Concealer (fair) - I bought this because they were out of my color in the Benefit Boi-ing concealer. I like that it's in a stick, and I do really like it, but I think I prefer the Benefit.

5. Revlon Colorstay Aqua Mineral Finishing Powder (translucent) - In every brand of mineral powder, anything other than 'translucent' is too dark. I like this one because the powder is easy to get into the lid (unlike some others I've tried) and I really like how it feels when I put it on - almost wet? It has good coverage and staying power.

6. Rimmel Blush (autumn catwalk) & cheap drug store brush - I love the bright pinks for summer. During the winter I use Hard Candy in Pin Up. Both of these colors can be subtle or built-up and brighter. I think I got this brush at rite-aid. It's really soft and has lasted a long time without losing any bristles.

7. Hard Candy bronzer (tropics) - As a pale girl, a little bronzer goes a looong way. I like that I can use just a tiny bit and it does the trick. Lasts forever!

8. Maybelline eyeshadow (made for mocha) and Smashbox brow brush - I color in my eyebrows everyday, this eyeshadow is great for that! I've never used in on my lids.

9. Revlon Eyelash curler - a MUST for me, even if I don't do my makeup or put on mascara.

10. Urban Decay Heavy Metal glitter eyeliner, Sephora liquid liner (black), Rimmel liner (jet black), Prestige liner (white), Rimmel Glam'eyes mascara (black) - I like to change up my eye liner. I use the black pencil liner on a daily basis, the liquid one for cat eyes, the Heavy Metal glittery one for nights out, and the white one for my lower waterline. I LOVE the UD liner, and use it all the time. The white one is great, very pigmented, and is also good for a base to really bring out another color.

11. Urban Decay & Makeup Forever eyeshadows - I have a number of individual MUFE eyeshadows and UD palettes. The MUFE shadows are the most pigmented I've ever used - though the hot pink one (no. 75) usually stains my lid for the next day, even with remover. The ones I have are all matte and mix well together (I love using the red, orange, or yellow ones together) and with other shadows, and the pink and red ones are also good for blush. MUFE has also done well for me for Halloween makeup. The UD shadows are glittery and fun, also very pigmented, but some have glitter fall-out on my cheeks throughout the day.

12. Urban Decay All-Nighter Makeup Setting Spray (travel size) - I got this to try it out last Halloween and now I regularly use it for special occasions (read: fun eyeshadow days!). I think it does seem to keep my makeup on longer, especially if it's hot outside. Always spray before mascara though, it can re-wet it and cause some fun mascara spots on your skin!

13. Covergirl Lipstick (enchantress & sweetheart) - I love lipstick. Two of my favorite drug store brands are Covergirl and Rimmel. Enchantress is a bright baby pink that I like to wear regularly, sweetheart is more of an everyday color. I have two fun orange Revlon colors I adore and wear frequently - Peach Me and Siren.

14. Vera Wang Princess & Victoria's Secret Very Sexy - Currently these are my most used perfumes. My sister got me a sampler of VS scents awhile back and I love having so many options, and the small bottles are good because some don't get used often. I really like getting roller ball perfumes, they're easy to use, travel with, and they're usually between 20-30 bucks, meaning I can get a couple of different ones instead of one big bottle!

Next time I'll show you how I store these basics and all the rest of my makeup!


  1. Your blog is sooo pretty!!! I just bought my first UD pallette and the setting spray (waiting for it to arrive!) So glad to hear the setting spray works to keep the eye makeup on :)

    xo Emilie @ Hungry Delights

    1. OOOh which palette did you get? There are so many fun ones!

  2. This is just such a darling blog! i love it, it's just so cute and inviting :)


  3. Great picks! I might have to try some of these!


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