Thursday, March 21

Wedding Details: Perfect shower outfit

So I've been thinking (obsessing) about I want to wear for wedding related events. My bridal shower has been a topic of discussion lately... for various strange reasons (apparently my FMIL is going to throw it for me? She emailed my bridesmaid to tell her she has already started planning it) and I know I wanna look pretty. So I did what any normal girl would do... virtual shopping spree!

I went window shopping at Modcloth and picked out an entire outfit. I would love to wear this to my shower!

Dress - $89.99
Cardigan - $34.99
Shoes - $62.99
Bag -  $189.99
Necklace - $13.99
Bracelet - $12.99
Earrings - $9.99
Sunnies - $11.99

Total for all - $426.92... a bit much for one day? Well, yes, that's why this is just for fun! I can at least use this as a starting point for the look I want :)

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  1. Those shoes are so cute! It will be a nice outfit for a wedding!
    :) Liz @


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