Tuesday, March 19

Wedding Details: Giving in

I have strong opinions, and I'm not afraid to admit it. I know what I want and I will push to get it. I have a different style than the rest of my family (understatement...), so throughout the planning process I've had a lot of my choices questioned. And questioned, again and again. I always defend my opinions and don't let others change my mind when I want something.

But sometimes its worth it to just give in. Sometimes, I don't really care that much and I let go.

I'm not going to let someone tell me what to wear, or dictate things that are important to me. But sometimes, I just don't care enough about certain details to really put my opinion in.

Similar in style to this, via
- There was a beautiful birch four-post structure I wanted to use for an altar. It wasn't very expensive, but for 15 minutes of use it seemed too much. So now my dad will be making me one out of wood. All I care about is how I decorate it, I'm not too invested in the structure itself...

- Bouquets... have been a problem for me. I finally gave in and my mom will be making the actual bouquets out of real flowers. I don't care enough, and she really seems to want them. All the other flowers will still be made out of crepe paper!

We didn't even order turquoise - but teal works for me... via
- Envelopes?! Apparently my mom really wanted pretty colored envelopes for the invitations. I just wanted opaque ones. We had to order them in at a paper shop, and they cost just over $50. My invitations were under $200 for the whole suite!!!

Similar, but white boxes with colored ribbon and pewter charms, via

- I couldn't think of anything for favors. My mom really wanted to use these cute little white boxes she found at Michael's and tie them up with ribbon and little charms. We picked out cute little assorted feather and bird charms to tie on them. Something chocolate or cookie will go inside, she just hasn't decided what she wants to make.

- The cake has been up to my mother the whole time. She's making it, and as long as it tastes good she has free reign. This will be covered in scattered little edible flowers she's ordering.

There have been little things along the way. Small details in the decor that I don't care about, things that were too expensive or time consuming the way I want to do them. But there have been things I won't budge on, like making my cake topper. My feather garlands on the altar. My veil and accessories. The guy's outfits. Custom designing my own invitations. And all the hand-made decorations.

I just have to learn to let go of some things if I'm going to be able to accomplish the things that are really important to me!

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  1. hi! i totally agree with you that some details for the wedding are not really worth losing sleep over.
    i'm also preparing for my wedding in my fiance's hometown, and of course, his parents get to invite a LOT of their friends, ie. people I don't know. but i had to let his mom just go ahead with it, just because they're paying for it anyway.


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