Wednesday, December 12

Weekend wears: Pearls & navy blues

I love this dress! It's not super short like my other navy lace dress, and the back is so much fun! I didn't feel like going bra-less this time, so I did wear a shirt underneath (doesn't look great). I must admit, I've been wearing these booties a lot lately. The heels don't make me feel too tall, since I'm already tall at 6 feet, and they're cute and comfortable.

Dress - Ross ($10!) | Belt - from another dress | Socks - Target | Necklace - so old I don't remember | Shoes - Gordman's | Earrings -Target


  1. Your hair is such a dream! Beautiful look xo

  2. Love the outfit. And cute hair! Tutorial?

  3. So fabulous, loving this entire outfit!!
    And your hair looks fabulous!
    xo TJ


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