Friday, December 14

Seasonal Winter Goals!

It's that time again! I just finished the wrap-up of my fall 2012 goals, so it's time to start a new list! Behold, 8 goals that I would like to accomplish in the next three months!

1. Cook 5 'new to me' meals for the two of us
This is a roll-over goal from the fall. I never even started last time, so I bumped the number from 10 to 5. Baby steps!

2. Build archway for the wedding ceremony
The wedding isn't until June... but I'm a last-minute Martha. Weddings require too much work to leave things to the last minute, so I'm trying to plan a little early. This goal is important to me because I want to get something done way in advance, and that's hard for me!

3. Finish designing my tattoo & get it
I have three tattoos, but I haven't gotten a new one in years! I've got the itch!

4. Give beautiful gifts made by hand
Every year I make a few gifts by hand. Last year I made Cameron a quilt, the year before people go pillows (some were like scrabble tiles, some were like little periodic table of elements squares, some looked like the back of a football jersey, and some were painted. One had a painting of my uncles El Camino!), the year before were paintings... you get the idea. This year I'm going aprons!

5. Make yummy holiday treats
I'm sure I'll make at least one Dutch Apple Pie, but I'm thinking I need to try some new treats. Anyone have any ideas for good non-dairy treats? I'm getting more lactose intolerant by the day!

6. Guest list!!!!!
Yup, 6 months away and still haven't finalized a guest list. Go us!

7. Read 5 'new to me' books
Smaller goal than last season, although I finished the previous goal of 12 books. I've even started one already! I want to spend more time making, planning, and enjoying Cameron.

8. Wedding flowers
My biggest dilemma to date. I need to decide on what I'm doing here! Read more about my flower issues.


  1. While I have never been married, or engaged, I have helped plan enough weddings to know that I do not blame you for waiting until getting things started. It's crazy how expensive and overwhelming it all is, but I know that you'll get through it and everything you make for the ceremony will be gorgeous. And congratulations!

    I too need to sit down and make a list of things I want to start doing, and making more meals is definitely on it, too. The man and I eat out almost every night, and it gets to be too much stress on our wallet. I'm not that great of a cook, but I think with a little practice we might do alright. We've thought about getting one of those cooking classes for couples. Maybe that'd be a good starter for you?

    All the best!

    1. Thank you! It is overwhelming, especially as you realize it's creeping closer and closer...

      Yeah, we have a restaurant addiction too! It's just hard to make yourself cook when you get home at 5:30 and are both starving! We're usually pretty good about figuring out a new recipe, it's just forcing ourselves to do it that's hard!

  2. Just came across your you do goals for every season? What a great idea! I should start doing that :)


    1. Yes I do! I find that it keeps me more on-task than doing a '25 before 26' type list, and lets me keep up with my changing priorities throughout the year :)


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