Wednesday, December 26

Post-Holiday Disaster Zone!

As amazing as Christmas was (which it was - I hope you enjoyed your holiday as well!), MY HOUSE IS A MESS!! AH!

- My previously perfectly spotless art room was hit by a tornado of fabric scraps, tissue paper, thread, straight pins (I can never manage to get them all put back in their case), and tools. And I still have two little projects to finish (two for Christmas and one for a birthday). It drives me crazy!

- The kitchen is... cluttered. One counter has a bunch of booze on it. We got a good amount of alcohol and beer from Cameron's family. There are all the new kitchen fun gadgets and doo-dads that aren't put away yet. So tonight will definitely not be a cooking night... the stove has a box full of things on it, and every other surface has goodies too! (edit: it's improving after last night's quick tidying)

- The bedroom is covered in laundry. Formerly perfectly sorted dirty laundry. I did the majority of my washing Saturday, but all of the 'special wash' clothes are still waiting. That's like 6 more tiny individual loads. And I can't get to my treadmill! Because I've been so good at using it lately... (edit: smokey clothes from family visits are clean and only two more special loads left.)

- The spare bathroom is full of dried laundry. I hang my no-dryer clothes on the shower rod in there. It's Wednesday now. I did laundry Saturday. A bit of a delay, yeah? (bathroom has a whole new set of laundry drying, Saturday's clothes are put away!)

So... work now, clean later!

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