Wednesday, December 5

Fall Goals: Two incomplete?!

This September I made a list of goals that I wanted to achieve before the end of the season. There were two goals on the list that I didn't even attempt! I was so busy this season that I never got around to trying to reach these goals... this means that they need to in some way carry over to my seasonal winter goals!

Sell something I've made by hand
This is so difficult for me because I make things for specific people... and then I don't make more of the cool things I've made. Does anyone want a sweet unicorn eye patch? Too bad, I only made one of them! I get complimented on things I make and wear all the time - but they're always one of a kind. I'm really going to get on this soon!

Cook 10 'new to me' dishes
This was actually a rather large goal for me. I probably only cooked 10 dinners this fall (Cameron does most of the cooking), and I tend to just cook things I know how to make. It's so much quicker to make one of my go-to chicken or pasta dishes than to bust out a new recipe! I really want to broaden my cooking range, anyone have any good recipes I should try out?

Stay tuned for my winter seasonal goals! Hint: there's a good chance they will be more wedding planning-oriented than the previous ones.

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  1. This is such a lovely idea (I love that you presented it like a magazine too!) and such a great way to remind yourself of goals and aims you want to achieve. Congrats for completing all the others, and good luck with these two!


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