Wednesday, December 5

Fall Goals: 4 Easy Completions!

This September I made a list of goals that I wanted to achieve before the end of the season. I haven't managed to reach them all, but here are four that weren't too difficult to achieve with a passive amount of effort!

Spend more time with my niece and nephews
So this was actually a pretty easy goal for the fall. Birthdays, pumpkin patches, Thanksgiving eve dinner and swimming, and various quick trips to my sister's house (she lives about 30 minutes away) definitely allowed for more time than I usually get with them.

Love my life 
I have been making an effort to truly appreciate the amazing people and things that make me happy. November is an especially easy month for this!

Make my Halloween costume (again)
Unfortunately I was sick most of October, but I still managed to throw together a last minute costume. I didn't make it all, but it was still fun!

Take a trip with Cameron
We did take a weekend roadtrip excursion for our anniversary. It was short but definitely sweet!


  1. Do you have a shop? I would love to see your handmade items?

  2. Actually, I don't have a shop right now. I just haven't had time to make enough stuff. I usually make things for gifts and never get around to making more for selling. One of these days, though!!

  3. I saw a comment of yours on a beautiful mess and hit it because of the name. Love it! Was so surprised after the jump, your blog is really great. Fantastic style and wicked pictures. Keep up the good work.

    Laura x


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