Tuesday, November 20

Weekly Workwear: Denim & Stripes

I'm lucky when it comes to my workplace - I can wear almost anything I want. Unless we are having an event or clients are coming in, I can wear jeans, slippers, band shirts, pretty much anything. When I don't feel like dressing up for work, I like to lean toward 'business casual' with colored and dark jeans and simple tops or sweaters.This look is on the casual side for my work attire, but I think it would be appropriate if a client came in by surprise!

I love this striped top! It's from Old Navy but I got it for cheap at a thrift shop. The jeans and boots I've had for at least a year and the jacket I've had since college. I'm not shy about keeping around old clothes unless they're beat up. I never know when I'll have an urge to wear that denim dress with the cute pockets hidden at the back of my closet!

Top - Old Navy/thrifted | Jacket - No idea | Jeans - TJ Maxx | Boots - Roxy | Necklace - Forever 21

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  1. The outfit suits you really well :) I like coloured pants too :)




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