Friday, November 23


I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving yesterday! Anyone doing the crazy Friday shopping thing? It's not Thanksgiving yet as I'm writing this, so I still have so much excitement pent up! I can't wait for Thanksgiving eve (Mexican food and hot springs) with my family and Thanksgiving day (turkey dinner as traditional) with Cameron's. I'll be sure to get some fun action shots to share.

Here are some Instagram photo moments from the past week or so. As always, you can find me @katiopeia!

Inertia likes to wake me up on the weekends for her breakfast. And she's a box kitty for sure.

She stealthily got into this photo of my 'lunch.'  Fortune cookies are sometimes amusing, but not quite what they used to be.

To and from work one day this week - via my windshield.

My nephews love Minecraft. One had a birthday on Saturday, hence Minecraft cake (half finished here. I had to leave my sister to finish it. I'm also going to mention that when I showed up to help she had already cut out about 200 squares from the uncolored fondant. Then we had to paint them. This is why they look glassy, but the Creeper and piggy don't).

Puppies want photo-love too! And a nice relaxing bubbly bath feels nice when you're sick and your back is sore.

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