Saturday, November 24

Weekend Wear: Peachy in Neutrals

I love this brown patterned dress. It's got a great drop-waist that makes me look extra thin in the waist and doesn't make my lovehandles look awful. You can't see the torso here, but it's mostly brown with a print on it, and there's a keyhole at the top.

I think that natural waist dresses sometimes make my legs look proportionately too long for my body, which is another reason I love drop-waist dresses (I'll let you in on a secret - my wedding dress has one too!). I even designed one for the last ModCloth Make the Cut competition... but none of my designs were chosen :)
Here's my peachy drop-waist dress design (the chevron fabric was part of the competition:

Look, the doggy wants to play! More like, the doggy wants to jump up and rip my tights...

Dress - Thrifted | Sweater - Modcloth | Tights - Target | Boots - Roxy | Necklace - Forever 21


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