Tuesday, October 9

Weekly Workwear: Spinning and Lace

This year for my birthday I created a couple of wishlists on my favorite sites and set it to my honey. Best decision ever! I used to do this for my mom at Christmas, but I forgot how fun it is to receive something that you really want but is still a surprise! This dress is what Cameron's mom got for me off of my list this summer, and I love it. It falls around my knees (an unusual find at 6' tall), twirls, and fits great. The fabric is thick so you can't tell what I'm wearing under, but not enough to make me look bulky! I was also wearing this dress when Cameron proposed to me :).

These wedges weren't the most steady for spinning in our lumpy back yard (rental house...). On another note, doesn't the grass look pretty good considering two months ago it was all cheat grass? Cameron did a great job of tackling weeds and growing a lawn! It desperately needs a mow in these photos... but that's better than having the animals track cheat grass in all over EVERYTHING. Cheat grass in my robe, on the couch, embedded in the floor - it's pokey.

Dress - Modcloth | Cardigan - Gordmans, last year | Tights - Kohls, last year | Shoes - Target


  1. Very cute dress! Love the fabric, the shape, and color! And yes, the grass is impressive!!:)

  2. So cute! I love the pattern of those tights. That dress is really pretty too.

    <3 Melissa

  3. I love your hair and dress! :)

    - A.


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