Friday, October 5

Instagra-tification Friday: Trip Edition

None of these photos are actually from Instagram this week - these are just random pictures from the trip Cam and I took last weekend.

Hanging out in front of the river.

Random shots from different locations: Cool houses in Pendleton, traveling in the car, at a pub for dinner, and through hotel curtains.

The bed at the Grand Hotel in Baker City. The rooms were cool and the bathrooms were huge.

Different fun flooring patterns, street view, and the morning light glowing on the wall.

We didn't go very far this trip, it was fun to just stop at all of the little towns between Boise and Pendleton, walk around, go into little shops, play some shuffleboard, have a few beers, and eat yummy foods. We did have the best finger steaks at the Rainbow Cafe/Bar in Pendleton (also way strong drinks).


  1. yes it is so fun taking little trips like this!


  2. Love these photos! Makes me want to go on an adventure now. xo. Deanna

  3. Adorable pictures!

  4. that bed is too cute!

    xx. Hybrid Hunter

  5. LOVE going visiting new cities!
    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:


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