Wednesday, May 30

On the downhill slide of my 20's!

In less than a month I'll be turning 26. This is somehow stressful for me - but not as much since Hailey's 26th birthday was a couple months ago!

I can't decide if it bothers me for personal reasons or because of societal pressures. In October I watched a drunk acquaintance cry uncontrollably when she turned 30. To me this seemed ridiculous, it is just one year older than 29, after all! I guess we feel so old when we enter a new decade - but it is just a new adventure. 30 isn't anywhere close to the end.

When I turn 26 I will be living with a man I love deeply, working at a job I enjoy, and hanging out with friends and family that are supportive and loving. My circumstances have changed so much since last year! At the beginning of my 25th year I was living in a different town, in a difficult relationship, and doing work I loved for a boss I still despise to this day.
If someone would have told me everything that would happen, I wouldn't have believed it. I'm so thankful for everything that has happened this year, and look forward to the next.

Highlights of this past year:

Birthday Camping, and all other camping

Single times with my Hailey, yes I know I'm a good wing woman!

Winning the Halloween costume contest (2nd year running) as Edward Scissorhands (yes, I am pretty much just wearing belts... a ton of belts)... and helping make Cam, Hailey, and my sister's costumes. And also not helping John with his clown makeup, causing him to look even more rape-y.

Sushi & dinner dates with Hailey and the crowd

Finding a new job that I really enjoy

Hailey's birthday - dressed in Dumb & Dumber suits (I was orange, she was blue - Hailey has the only real pictures of us!)

Moving in with Cam

Fun times at concerts, bars, and everywhere else

There were definitely lows... moving in with my parents, my aunt's death, and gaining some weight, among others... but I'm so excited to see where I am next year! I'm working on my '26 before 27' list, just to make sure I'm not missing out!

Wish me luck in dealing with this milestone!

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  1. glad you are at a job you love now, difficult bosses are such a challenge! what sort of work do you do btw? glad your year brought lots of positive changes for you including moving in w/ your man and in & out of your parents quickly : )


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