Thursday, May 10

Retirement Scrapbook

This last week a woman at my work retired. We had a whole day out to celebrate with her (took a limo all day, went to a girly frou-frou tea house, went go-carting and had lunch). She the first official employee in our North American branch, so it was pretty sad to see her retire.

As part of her retirement gift I made a nice thick scrapbook with pictures and notes from all of the employees. It was rushed so it doesn't look super amazing, but I got it done in time!

It's 8"x8", the cover is made of thin cardboard (from a fruit snack box). All the pages are scrapbook paper and cardstock, and the whole thing is bound by embroidery thread.

Here are a few pages from the book.
I think it turned out pretty good for the time I had!


  1. That scrapbook is so wonderful! I bet your mom absolutely loved it! Congratulations to her on her retirement!

  2. It was actually for a coworker, but she did really like it, thanks!


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