Wednesday, May 30

Lace shorts DIY

I recently fell in love with a pair of Lacey denim cutoff shorts that Kelli Murray was wearing in this post over at A Beautiful Mess. Unfortunately, I very rarely like the way shorts fit me and I'm definitely not ready to drop 88 bucks on one little pair of shorts. Solution? Make some cutoffs from a pair of slightly-too-short (give me a break, I need a 36' inseam!) jeans and attach some sweet lace!

Materials: Jeans or shorts, lace ribbon (I got mine at Joann Fabric), thread, straight pins
Tools: Scissors, sewing machine

Cut your jeans to length (or start with shorts). I frayed mine just a little, assuming they'll fray a bit on their own each time they're washed.
Pin the lace around the bottom of the leg holes, on the inside of the denim. Leave a little slack in the lace the whole way around. As you sew, the denim will stretch a little.

Sew the lace into the shorts.
Love them!


  1. Such a lovely idea to revamp a pair of old shorts!

  2. This is gorgeous! <3 The lace is truly the perfect touch!

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  3. ohh, i saw that tutorial the other day and want to try it! the shorts are really pretty :) x

  4. whoo, those are pretty! I saw a similar pair in a store the other day and this seems like a better & cheaper option ;) Thanks for sharing!


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