Monday, July 2

Author's Note (By: Hailey aka "Whiskey & Coke")

Well, here's my first attempt at blogging. Since my summer vacation started, I've had a little more time on my hands to contribute to the website. To give you a little more on my background, I just finished my second year teaching as a special education resource teacher. I love my job, my students, and my co-workers, and couldn't imagine being in any other career, despite the numerous downfalls that face public education in our nation currently. 

Due to the demanding, time-consuming nature of the job, it consumes most my life during the school year. On the side, I enjoy various activities including (but not limited to) tennis, rafting, camping, skiing, pooling, crafting, writing, making costumes, and various shenanigans with Katie. My greatest passion (perhaps borderline obsession) is music. Any given opportunity to listen to music is an opportunity taken, in my case. My mom refers to me as her "retro girl," because very little of the music I listen to falls into the more current and popular genres of music. 

(clockwise from top left)
Exhibit A: Hailey as the truly, truly outrageous Jem
Exhibit B: Hailey's David Bowie/80's attire for a non-80s event: Rise Against concert
Exhibit C: David Bowie mimosa party with an 80s twist

Exhibit D: Hailey's influence on the sorority door decorating contest freshman year of college. However, I can't claim the chicken nuggets- I give Alison and Heather credit for that one. And yes, there was one chicken nugget remaining in the box.
I'm also an 80s fanatic. If time travel were possible, I would be spending a great deal of time in the in the big hair decade. Until then, I will continue to fantasize of the decade that never ceases to inspire me. Hopefully this provides some clarity for any of the following posts of mine that you may choose to read. And, hopefully, this turns out reasonably decent.

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