Monday, April 9

Expectant Clown

Saturday night was the first get-together we've had at my new place. It was Camerons friend's birthday, and he really wanted a pregnant clown [Cameron is afraid of both clowns and pregnant women]. I spent a great deal of time baking and decorating, and I was pretty pleased with the outcome. It may not be the most pregnant cake you've ever seen, but hopefully it's the most pregnant clown cake you've ever come across!

Here s/he is with a piece taken out. It was my first attempt to make fondant and it was horribly messy but a lot of fun.

I also made jello shots in Easter eggs for the evening.

Me & Hailey with Cameron's brother.

This would be Cameron's brother sleeping on my sister sleeping on the dog.

The weather was finally great yesterday for Easter - I got to wear shorts! Cameron made himself a small tattoo sleeve at my grandma's house.

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