Friday, April 6

Busy Buzzy Bee

Today has been so busy! Tomorrow we're having a birthday party at our house, but we just barely moved in so its still a huge mess.

I spent today trying to somewhat organize my art room and the garage and doing laundry, but most of the day was spent working on what will [hopefully!] be a pretty spectacular cake. The birthday boy wanted a pregnant clown cake. Its pretty rough right now without any frosting, but I'll post pictures as soon as I finish!

My art room is coming together, but only because I can shove things in boxes and into the closet. I need storage like a reality TV star needs to create a scandal to get attention. I did find an unexpected way to hang up my sunglasses [visible in the background above], which I'll share with you once I make it much better looking.

The garage is another story... boxes, junk, and spray paint everywhere! And also a couch, chair, and end table all set up nicely [I need to sell me some furniture].

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