Tuesday, April 10

So many projects, so little time!

Lately I've been working on so many projects in small increments. I really want to get some of these suckers finished!

1. I need to finish my bird cage clutch and get the tutorial up here. [partially visible below]

2. There are quite a few half-finished embroideries that I've had laying around for months as well.
3. I really need to finish up the apron I've been making for my friend Emilie. This one will probably only take about two hours at the most to finish... I just haven't found the motivation so it's been hanging in the closet.

4. I have this adorable dress I started making almost a year ago that I NEED to get done. Its all yellow and white pattern and lime green. It will [hopefully] have a button side enclosure.
Speaking of dresses, I need to finish the brown one I started even longer ago. I messed up with the zipper and haven't had the patients to figure out a fix.

5. I've also got this clock project here. I repainted the main piece, but need to get on to decorating the face. (and finding a missing part that must be in the garage).
6. Half-finished cameo painting below.
7. The gold metal tray visible under the above magazines is also a project. It will be great for hanging jewelry when I'm done!

8. I've spray painted this blue tray I thrifted, but it's just not done yet. I need to do something to add more interest to the bottom. I went wild with the spray paint, so I've also got a lamp and some random glassware that may be needing a bit of personality.
9. Which reminds me, I never finished painting my cute birdie lampshade.

10. I'm very nearly finished with a mini scrapbook I made of my recent move. Just need to print some pictures for the cover and last page! I can't wait to have a whole stack of these laying around the house.

11. Even my art desk is a project. I've sanded most of it down, but I need to decided how to paint the monstrosity.

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  1. Oh my goodness, I feel pooped just reading all of the projects you're working on, good for you! :)


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