Sunday, May 18


My friend and I started 'Whiskey for Breakfast' a couple of years ago to share our love for fun fashion, costumes, beauty, and diy projects. We didn't do the best job of keeping up with the blog...

I've always had so much fun playing with my makeup, dressing in a way that gets a lot of 'I love it, but I wouldn't wear it...'s, and generally injecting a sense of humor into my daily style. Costumes aren't just for Halloween, dramatic makeup isn't just for the evening, and it can be fun to clash a little! If I don't have a project going (clothing, decor, or art), I feel lost!

I love spending time playing with my hair, clothing, and makeup. I am my own life-size doll! Experimentation is everything.

I am also going to embark on a 'beauty safari.' I'm pale, basically translucent. Face makeup, mainly foundation, never seems to match my skin tone. There's not much yellow in my skin, but I have some pink and a lot of freckles. I have acne (more than when I was a teen!) and some big ol' pores I like to cover up. It's time to try until I find the right one! Join me on my journey to find the perfect foundation that won't kill my bank account!

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