Sunday, December 22

Approaching a new year

2014 is nearly here, and seems pretty full of promise!

Things to look forward to:
- We should close on our house this week and be moved in by January 1st!
- Furnishing and making new memories in our home
- Dying my hair a super fun color (already lined up!) in January
- I'm learning so many new things and expanding what I do in my job and it's very exciting
- Game nights with our friends
- My little etsy shop has been going well lately, and I'm loving creating new products
- Our first wedding anniversary
- Maybe thinking about additions to the family!

Goals I for the first part of the year:
- I would love to create a scrapbook for each year we have together. At the end of each month, I hope to compile a few pages for that month to describe what we were up to.
- More prints, printables, and templates for the shop
- Finally put together our wedding guestbook quilt (I haven't had an art room for months!)
- Get back to painting & embroidery - it's been awhile since I've taken either seriously
- Keep learning to knit, I mostly don't screw up and end up with holes anymore. Mostly...
- I have a top-secret project (my own convenience invention) that I really want to design and build

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