Monday, September 2

Really cute dress -or- expensive Mario costume?

I'm going to try to have a few installments of a new feature over the next few months. It will feature cute clothes that could be worn everyday but also worn for adorable costumes!

Personally, I love dressing up for Halloween or really any occasion. We love having theme parties (most recently, 80's new year and old man party - I wish I had a good picture of my curler mohawk!) or just themed dress up nights out (also 80's, dumb and dumber outfits, 'fancy lady,' etc).
It's great to be able to throw together a cute outfit at the last minute for any occasion, so I present to you my first installment:

Mario, of the Mario Brothers Marios.

This dress isn't the cheapest ($250 is too much for one dress for me), but it's so cute! All you need is a hat! Black shoes and white gloves optional. 

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