Wednesday, August 21

New design

Very blue, right?
I’ve been wanting to redesign for awhile. I still love herringbone , navy & gray, and bold patterns, but I just can’t look at the same thing every day for so long. But with the wedding I’ve been pretty inactive here, and summer has been a lot of fun (yard saleing, trips, floating rivers, wearing colorful wigs, drinking beer on patios, etc), but it’s almost the best season, AUTUMN, and I will have more to share soon.

I’ve also changed my picture over to the side to a fully ridiculous picture of myself. I’m not really a fan of my teeth, but I just look like I’m having a great time here. And, I guess, CANOE! Right?

II’ve already decided what I’ll be doing for Halloween (hint - disney character) and what I’ll be making Cam be as well, and they will both take a bit of work. Need to get started soon!

I’ve also picked up a few projects from the auction, the Idaho Youth Ranch (thrift store), and yard sales. Now that we’ve cleared out a bit of our garage junk I should have room for some serious furniture updates. I managed to pick up a huge amazing wall-mounted grandfather clock for really cheap.

We’re also on the hunt for a house in our little town. This isn’t the easiest thing to accoumplish, as there isn’t a whole lot of selection. Because of this, I’m going to be on a saving spree. This means no more new clothes for awhile (unless I really really fall in love), fewer nights out, and more dinners at home.
We’ve been doing a lot of BBQing this summer on our new grill, but we have a hard time cooking dinner when we both get home around 5-5:30 and are immediately ready for food!

More importantly, this means we (I) get to decorate a house that is mine and not a rental! I can’t wait. I would love to get an older home, but Cameron is really wanting to get one that is as new as possible. 
I guess I’ll just have to create character in the home, since there won’t be any inherent in a cookie-cutter development home.

Oh, and here’s a screenshot of what the site looked like before, you know - for posterity.


  1. Really Beautiful picture! And I love blue! <3


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