Tuesday, August 13

I loved this thing

So, today I was 'window shopping' online, as I do so often, and I came across this awesome sale. - oh yeah, and this is completely unsolicited and unsponsored!!

The first good eyeshadow I ever bought was this palette from Urban Decay. At the time I was in high school, so nearly $40 for eyeshadow was insane to me. But I was so happy with it! It lasted years, and even then, some of the colors I never fully used because they are so saturated. Honestly, when you're using turquoise, you don't need a whole bunch!

It's only $10 now! I'm sure it's being discontinued at that price, but TEN BUCKS? Are you kidding me? JACKPOT.

The individual 'deluxe shadows' colors are also for sale for $4 each... but I only ever bought one (the hot pink when I ran out) and I didn't like it as much. Their other eye shadows are great, but this was the only one I got from that line and I wasn't as impressed.

It is very sparkly, but some of the colors were surprisingly neutral on me, I'm so pale, and scratch became my glittery base color. Young people, old ladies, everyone always loves my crazy eyeshadow, and this is where I started it all. Currently I'm usually too lazy unless I'm dressing up (or costuming up) for some reason to get all dolled up, but I really do miss it.

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