Friday, November 30

Weekly Workwear: Spots & Coral

Bad pictures - the light was terrible and we were in a hurry!

Anyway, on Thanksgiving Eve my family always goes to the same Mexican restaurant and then to an indoor hot springs pool. The service is always slow, someone always gets in trouble at the pool for chucking balls (yes, usually this is the adult men), and we always have a lot of fun.

Unfortunately my aunt passed away this year, so she wasn't there. She is always the life of the party, and the whole tradition was a reminder that she is gone. For Thanksgiving day we went to Cameron's family's celebration. I didn't object to not going to my family's that day because once again, she'd be noticeably gone. It feels like I miss so much by her not being around.
 I really love this dress. I got it for cheaps at Target a few months ago, and I love wearing it. It's got sweet turquoise straps. The cardigan was part of a buy one get one for a penny sale at Wet Seal. I'm wearing the plain tee I got for a penny right now!
This is at work earlier in the day. I obviously had cereal for breakfast and was knitting. If you look closely you'll see my label maker, a box full of name tags, and my striped boot slippers that have been under my desk since February. Sometimes my toesies get cold at work, people!

Dress - Target | Cardigan - Wet Seal | Socks - Target | Bag - Target | Shoes - Gordman's | Earrings - Maurice's


  1. Such a cute outfit! I really love the pattern on that dress!

  2. Coral is such a happy color! I love it, and I love this dress!


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