Wednesday, November 7

The Ghost of Halloweens Past

Alright, so I've been terrible lately! I've been sick pretty much constantly for a month, and I've kind of slacked on the blogging thing. Also on the Halloween costume thing (gasp!). I'm still feeling less than healthy, but I'll do better I promise!

Tomorrow I'll post about what we dressed up as this year (hint, it was so last minute I didn't even know until two days before Halloween!), but I thought I'd first put up a few pictures of the last couple of years.

2005 - Me and Hailey - tennis player and lacross player. Short skirts, accessories, and an obviously last minute idea. This was not our room, by the way.

2006 - I was a cop. College was all about last minute costumes.

2007 - I was a pregnant housewife. Somewhere I have a picture of me in a sundress with a giant pregnant belly and a huge glass of beer. I can't locate it right now!

2008 - Kat von D - ripped t-shirt... sharpie tattoos... pretty purple heels, giant hair flower.

2009 - Some version of Princess Lolly from candyland. I couldn't find yellow fabric that I liked so I used turquoise and white for my dress, made candy out of felt to decorate it, and sprinkles. This is literally the only photo of it I have.

2010 - Poison Ivy! I hand sewed leaves to a tanktop and pair of boyshort undies. Wig, hair doo-dad, tights and tall boots.

2011 - Edward scissorhands. Cam was a ninja turtle. I made my scissorhands, my sister cut the wig into a crazy mess, I did my makeup and wore a corset and about 30 belts I got at thrift stores.
Cameron wore a unitard, I painted the chest of his shell, he spray painted the shell. I sewed all his red bits, made a harness for the shell, and he got some fake weapons from the store.

Not Halloween - Anything but clothes party newspaper princess, 80's birthday party zombies, and dumb and dumber.

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