Friday, October 26

Insta-gratification: October Details

It's been awhile since I've done one of these - I've been so busy with work and Halloween that I've been neglecting to take pictures along the way! We've gone through about 6 different ideas for costumes before we got where we are now, with costumes almost complete for Saturday.

1. Beautiful fall day by my work.
2. I was so hungry.
3. Then we went to this sweet bar that had a bunch of old arcade games. Cameron used all the quarters in my car (I had a TON hahah) to play. We also played a three-way game of Michael Jackson's Moonwalker - you fight with lightning and DANCE!
4. One of my friends is going to be Flash Gordon. I tried so hard to convince him to be old homeless Flash Gordon (complete with 'will save the world for food/cocaine/booze' cardboard sign). Honestly, if Flash Gordon and all these other super heroes were really around today Flash Gordon would be washed up and homeless. Against revamped Avengers, X-men, Spiderman, Batman? Who would ask for Flash Gordon? No one. Exactly. He just didn't see the light... but at least he's got a ridiculous blond wig!
5. Cameron is going to be a circus fire-eater... does this look like a fire-eater stick? blah, I don't know if I'm going to attach the feathers or not.
6. We got our wedding bands on Sunday (the yellow diamond band) and have been wearing them ever since. We won't get married until June, but Cam was really jealous that I had a ring to wear.
7. Adorable Inertia, just hanging out

I can't wait for Halloween guys!!! It's my favorite holiday. It won't be the same this year, though. My aunt passed away this last year - she was the one that got us all into it so much. The first Halloween without her around will be very sad. I think that's why we've had such apathy toward our costumes and decorations for the first time. I know we will have fun though, and I'm looking forward to crazy hair, crazy makeup, and playing with a whip all night!


  1. Wow, those beautiful fall leaves are amazing! We don't really get that here in San Diego. Have a lovely Halloween weekend!

  2. Halloween is my favorite too! Can't wait :)

  3. Hi Kate!

    What a lovely blog you have. Such sweet pics. I love the one on the bottom- the panda mug... so cute! Congrats on getting a wedding band (and getting married, of course!)

    Did you end up having a fun halloween and getting dressed up? I stayed in and snacked on treats for halloween night, lol. Anways, hope you had a good weekend, as well. Glad to have discovered you and your blog!

    xox, Amber

  4. Such lovely fun photos, it looks like you had a great month!

  5. Yay! Will you be making a Halloween post?


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