Monday, October 15

Monday Montage

Favorite holiday edition!

Aren't these little fanged pumpkins adorable? I want them everywhere! Zombie Ronald McDonald is a bit creepy, but this adorable mermaid makeup tutorial from etsy is great! These ghosties look super easy to make for how cute they are! Whoever painted the bones on this girl did a fantastic job. I love retro hairstyles, and this one comes with a great tutorial - so does this homemade birdcage, made from wire and an embroidery hoop!

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  1. I have got to check out the mermaid tutorial! It's one of my halloween ideas for this year so becoming a mermaid might be easier than I thought! :) Thanks for sharing!
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    1. I love the plastic things on her face, very fun and scaly!

  2. haha all of these things are completely adorable! I love the mermaid look, especially the stars in her hair :)

    1. That wig made me want to be a mermaid!


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