Thursday, October 18 Makes Kitty Sad

Today I was cruising around Cheeky Cheeky and came across her post about this ridiculous site,
It's so depressing, I'm going to sandwich this post with cute kitty pictures from one of my favorite tumblrs, kitties and cake.

I am still in awe. This is probably one of the creepiest things I've ever seen. With quotes such as

'We've talked before and I drive by his house almost every night. I drive by at like two miles an hour so he'll notice me but I don't think that he does. He didn't even let me in that one night! But I know we're perfect for each other and we're gonna get married.'
Quit stalking that poor boy!

'yesterday he looked super hot so I sent this to him but I don't no why he doesn't want to talk to me?!'
Just because he looked good at school doesn't mean he wants to talk to you. When his response is 'this phone is no longer in service' when he finds out who you are... chances are no, he doesn't like you.

'I recently found out im pregnant with his child (he doesn't know). Wtf does he mean I'm 'likeable' ? What does that mean? Help! I might need to get an abortion :('
I can't even comprehend why this needs to be on the internet, talk to the boy and your parents, because you sound like a teenager.

'Is this guy into me or just super friendly? I am pretty sure he was wearing a wedding ring...'
If he has a wedding ring on, why do you care if he's flirting? Do you want to date a cheater?

I'm so saddened by this site. I'm going to need some time to recover any faith in humanity I once had.


  1. Too freakin cute. I'm so glad there's kittens in the world :)

  2. Woah, I can't believe what a sad, sad, Internet rabbit hole that is.

    ...where's the chocolate?



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