Friday, September 28

Instagra-tification Friday

Today we're off on a fun road trip to a few towns in Oregon! I'm really excited. We're not going anywhere new, but it's going to be fun and exciting anyway! Now, on to the instagram photos from this past week:

1. Cam and the kids relaxing before bed.
2. I probably should have gotten these sunnies at the antique store but I passed them up.
3. Birdie I made for my cousin.
4. Inertia being snuggly and curious while I work from home.
5. Sushi dinner.
6. Crepe paper flower (thank you for the instructions). This also reminds me that it's about time to dye my hair, look at those roots!


  1. Aaaaw, the sushi looks so delicious! I wanna have it for breakfast now! :)

    Xx, Saritschka.


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