Sunday, September 30

Home Again!

Well, we made it back safely from Oregon! So many adventures and fun little experiences I'm so glad we were able to share. Including this AMAZING suitcase I found at an antique shop. It's heaven, and I can't wait to use it on our next trip!

I'll share some more about our trip later this week. We've had a busy day - drove home, went grocery shopping, had Green Tea Frapps from Starbucks, mowed the lawn and washed the house (& met two GIANT spiders), and now Cam is washing the dog. 

I want to tackle a bit of the garage tonight - there's enough stuff in there to furnish a whole living room! Anyone in the Boise area need a couch, chair, end table, filing cabinet, old sewing table, large desk, or small dining table (or two)? :)

What has everyone else been up to this weekend?

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