Wednesday, September 26

Getting into the Spooky Season

I LOVE Halloween. No, really, it's my favorite. I love the decorations, pumpkin carving, pumpkin baking, candy corn, and most of all - making my Halloween costume!

I like to get into the season... at the same time, I want to feel festive and appropriate. I don't want to wear a jack-o-lantern on my chest, but I want to make sure everyone around me knows it's almost Halloween!

Here are a few simple accessories that don't scream 'October/Halloween,' but do have a certain 'feeling' that remind me of the season. My favorite thing about these pieces is that they could be worn throughout the rest of the year as well!

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - & bonus kitty print dress (not pictured)

I want to wear this cat ring everyday, all year long! But in October, it will have a special meaning - reminding everyone not to cross you because you've got your own personal black cat! I feel like each of these items really represents this holiday season without going overboard and too costume-y. I really like the bone earrings because they aren't actual bone - in my mind this finish makes them more versatile. These candy corn colored mittens are adorable! I love orange and yellow, and it doesn't scream 'October' so you can keep your paws toasty all winter in these babies.

And can we talk about this Dear Creatures dress? It probably wouldn't even remind me so much of Halloween if it wasn't almost here - but it is, and it does, and it's beautiful. The pleated shoulder, the cute collar and front detailing... I would wear this everyday this October. And for a kitty dress that's more versatile, click on the bonus dress link for a black and white adorable number!

Anyone else have a crush on some cute seasonal items?


  1. That bag is so cute! I love Halloween!

    <3 Melissa

  2. I love the candy corn colored mittens! So perfect for this season!


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