Wednesday, August 29

Wedding Details: will you be my...

Maid of Honor?

I knew I needed to ask Hailey to be my maid of honor in a special way... so I decided to make 'paper doll' clothes of some out-there dresses and accessories and put them on a card. On the other side, I scrapbooked pictures of us.

Here's the final package of everything:

The dresses were made using scrapbook paper, colored cardstock, felt (the supersparkly pink is felt, too), buttons, stickers, anything I could find. Sadly, the chrome tights didn't 'go' with any of these outfits, so it will be in one of the sequels: bridesmaid proposals.

The bits of thin cardboard are about 5.5" x 6" and are from various boxes of granola bars, kleenex, etc. I simply cut scrapbook paper in strips to the right height and glued the cardboard together to create an accordion card.

Here is a shot of all of the dress panels (including the 'Houndstooth Horror,' 'Chevron Shocker,' and 'Over-Frosted Blue Wedding Cake' dresses):

And here's a shot of the scrapbook side:

The blue card that actually pops the big question was made in Photoshop and printed on HP photo paper.
The other day while browsing the Offbeat Bride I came across this article about a cute bridesmaid contract. So I promptly copied this idea and made a cardstock contract for fun to include.

I tied the card up with the proposal inside and gave it to her before we went to Adult Night at the Discovery Center here in town. We hadn't officially announced our engagement (I told Cameron I had to tell Hailey before everyone found out), so it was actually a surprise!

I made the two for my bridesmaids later and they are a little different, so I'll show those soon!

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