Thursday, August 30

Wedding Details: bridesmaid proposals

In the spirit of my MOH proposal, I made cards for my bridesmaids! I limited the size of the card to just a tri-fold rather than an accordion. I still put fun, ridiculous paper doll-type outfits on one side, but instead of scrapbooking pictures on the other I just wrote out the proposal. You'll remember that on the MOH proposal the actual 'proposal' part was on a separate printed card.

Construction was the same, simply attach the cardboard pieces together with paper on one side, and go crazy decorating. I also made a simple envelope for these cards. Here are some pictures of my sister's:

I'll add pictures of the other soon, but I forgot to take a picture of the front of the card! I'll have to ask Brittany to take one and send it to me.

Did anyone else do something special to ask their girls?

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