Friday, June 20


I'm just going to say it... I like how I look in swimsuits. I have learned to love my shape over the years - big ol' booty and all! I know that so many people have an issue finding suits that they approve of... but I honestly have an easier time with swimwear than with clothing. I think I look better without clothing on than with, and I also think a LOT of other people do too. It doesn't help that long-torsoed people don't have as many one-piece options either, so bikinis are my easiest choice.

I also know what I don't like in swimwear. I don't like small bikini bottoms that show my buns (I like to keep that skin hidden), I don't like swimwear that hits right at the love-handles and cuts into them, and I don't like tops that aren't supportive enough.

This year I bought a swimsuit online for the second time and it was still a little nerve-wracking. Last year I loved the top I ordered, but the bottoms were too small and they didn't even make a larger size! So back it went... This year I ordered a matching set along with a pair of miss-matched bottoms, and I love all three! I ordered them from the same place as before, ASOS. I felt comfortable because they have free shipping (over $25), free returns, and a billion suits for cheap. I am not being paid or compensated in ANY way from anyone for this post. I seriously just love this website.

I love miss-matched suits. These sets are a little more unexpected than usual, sure to give you a totally unique look! I've classified these by body-type as well, to best accentuate your assets!

green twist top $17| blue triangle top $15 | yellow stripe top $30 | floral top $38
fruity bottoms $30 | tapestry bottoms $30 | seersucker bottoms $34 | black polka dot bottoms $30

cloud top $10 | pink floral top $30 | fruity top $30 | pink polka dot top $32
white bottoms $19 | blue polka dot bottoms $15 | green bottoms $15 | navy ruffle bottoms $13

And what am I sporting this summer?

top | bottom | denim bottoms

One of the reasons I chose this, is that both bottoms will go great with my yellow ruffled & pink gingham tops from Target (years ago) as well as my cute pinup-style suit. Plus, the red set is made by Freya (a bra brand), so I trusted it would hold up the ladies well - it does.

And also, THOSE FAKE POCKETS! I could die they're so cute.


  1. Good to hear you want to be on the conservative side when it comes to your bottom... Makes me now want to find more suits to cover the backside but in an updated way for our site at

  2. Nice bikinis.


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