Thursday, March 20


I'm making it a new goal to eat healthier lunches at work from now on.

I don't get too bad in the winter when I'm craving soup, but that doesn't last long and I go back to the fast food, random meals from Albertson's or Winco, or a soy chai latte with vanilla. Sound full of nutrients to you? Yeah, me neither.

That's why I'm setting myself on this new path. I'm making a list of my favorite (healthy) snacks and foods that will be easy to make ahead or in the morning and pack to work. I ordered a sweet bento box and little condiment containers for salad dressing from Amazon.

If I do a good job of taking lunch to work, I get a Kiki's delivery service bento with Jiji on it!

I love fruit,  hummus, dried fruit and some veggies for snacks. As it is, I've been having grape tomatoes and raspberries for snacks between meals, dessert, boredom grazing... but it's the main course that I have issues with.

Sammiches are my favorite. But I always have to assemble them at work. I like my bread toasted most of the time and avocado doesn't hold up well for long. This little box should help me contain all the ingredients with plenty of room to hold some salad mix with a bit of salad dressing on the side as well as some snacks.

Some wraps and lettuce wraps seem as though they may hold up in the hours between making and eating. But again, I LOVE AVOCADO. On everything. So it is either find a substitute, or unwrap and add it at work. Maybe make a paste and smear it on the outside?

We also get these amazingly delicious little flatbreads at Costco that are perfect for making little pizzas. So again, toast the bread, then add cheese and toppings to melt. What isn't going to be assembly required?! So much to plan!

I'll add updates on what works for me and how I like my boxes. If you have any meal ideas for me, I'm so ready to hear them!

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