Monday, July 8


So I've been absent for awhile... wedding things caught up with me (my own, and my sister's which is in a few weeks), work has been crazy busy, and I actually started designing some invitation/stationery.

The past few weeks I have been making these kinds of things in my non-work hours.
Before that all of my non-work hours were devoted to wedding crap making. So I guess I could share a few wedding pictures! I love our photographer, she did such an amazing job. I have about 700 pictures and I absolutely love about 95% of them (the rest I had a ridiculous expression on my face, usually this is 100% of my pictures)

I needed a rest || all wedding photos by Mustard Seed Photography

The wedding was really fun. It was warm (but not too hot), I got a nice strappy back sunburn that morning, and Cam's parent's showed up until about three hours late. Because they stayed up until about 5 drinking. Other than those two things it was super great!

How cute are they?

I love the cake topper I made! I also tried to cake smash his face while running, didn't work.

In less exciting news, I had to take my engagement ring in for it's bi-annual inspection (for the warranty, you see) and there was a teeny tiny diamond missing. So now I don't get it back for about two months. That's so freaking long! I miss you, pretty ring :(

Come back to me!

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