Tuesday, October 2

DIY: Lace Embellished Hoodie

I've seen a few cute hoodies around this fall with lace and other interesting embellishments. I decided to take one of my old sweatshirts and add some fun details to it. In this project I just lined the pockets with lace. I'll probably add more to it later when I have some time, but here is what I've done so far:

Then all there is left to do is wear it!

I really like how it's turned out so far. I think I might line the bottom edge around the back. I don't want to do too much though, so I might keep it like this. What do you think? If anyone gets down and detaily on their sweaters/cardigans, please show me!


  1. Amazing, thanks for sharing!


  2. oohh this is a really nice tutorial!
    I am not a fan of hoodie cause I can't seem to make them fit my style but this just might :)

    The Sweetest Escape 

    1. I mostly wear them on lazy days :)

  3. I love a classic hoodie every now and again and this one with the adorable lace edging is right up my alley. Thanks for sharing this great DIY.

  4. Lovely little diy ! ^^ Looks sweet.

    Hey thanks for your comment Kate! You two have a nice blog here, glad I came for a visit. I hope you'll stop by someday again / follow each other. :) Have a nice day!

    Indie by heart


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