Wednesday, April 4

Spring Preview

What to expect coming up soon:

- Framed hair accessory storage DIY
- Felt fox & pig glasses cases DIY
- Bird cage clutch DIY
- Hexagon felt necklace DIY
- Can't find the perfect color of shorts? Make it!
- Pregnant clown cake (I'm making it this weekend)
- Fun storage & display ideas for makeup, hair things, and perfumes
- Summertime makeup looks
- 'Working Girl Wednesdays' - stylish & work appropriate looks!
- Bad movie reviews - You remember that movie you heard about that sounded terrible? I'll be sure to catch a viewing and let you know how it was! I'd love to take some suggestions!
- I may also make a few of my hair accessories (button wings) for sale. Everytime I wear one I get stopped at least once each place I go, so maybe you'll like them as much as I do!

Stay tuned for a lot of fun!

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